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Our Ateliers are immersive experiences spanning from two days to a full week and can accommodate individuals and small groups. They are designed to facilitate creativity through re-engagement with the natural world and by inviting you to become a creator of your immediate environment. We believe that the relationships that people build with ceramics in the domestic sphere are deeply intimate and guarantee that after some time spent at Salvadore you will never drink from a cup in the same way again.

These workshops suitable for all levels including beginners, for more experienced practitioners we run offer a year round residency programme here


Weekend Ceramics Atelier

(2 night stay)

This weekend workshop is the perfect time to explore our rustic and traditional approach to working with clay and go home with a finished piece. You will have a full day making where we will walk you through basic hand building techniques including pinching, coiling and using molds. There is plenty of time to experiment with the aim to produce a hand built vessel or a series of smaller adornments. On the second day we invite you to experience the magic of our wood-burning kiln to fire your work before sealing with a traditional wax-polish or leaving unglazed.


Long Weekend Ceramics Atelier

(4 night stay)

With two full days of guided making and opportunities for self practice, the long weekend Ateliers are an invitation to explore various hand building methods with the aim to produce a small tableware set or a collection of more experimental pieces. Across two days you will learn basic hand building techniques including pinching, coiling and using molds; as well as methods for refining your forms such as carving, smoothing and burnishing. The long weekend will finish with an immersive wood-firing experience and you will be able decorate your pieces with our selection of colourful glazes. We also offer wheel throwing taster sessions on request.


Full Week Ceramics Atelier

(7 night stay)

Our week long Ateliers are an ideal opportunity to gain an understanding of traditional and rustic ceramic practice and develop a personal project, with plenty of time to play. Those joining will be guided through various techniques including hand building, wheel throwing and finishing and will complete the week with an experimental body of work or a full set of hand made tableware. You will be invited to experience the many processes and effects possible with different glazing, decorating and firing methods,  all against the backdrop of our idyllic surroundings.