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Maison Salvadore is an ongoing exploration into what a domestic space for makers and thinkers can be, and how it might function. Salvadore is part of Terra Collective, an independent, not for profit organisation that explores clay as a tool to connect disparate histories, peoples and narratives to open new critical dialogues.  Like many before us, we understand that by working directly with the earth beneath us, we can change our individual and collective inner landscapes.

We are committed to providing the opportunity to work with clay to those of all levels. For those who want to work independently on their own clay-based projects, we offer short term self-led ateliers as well as a longer term residency programme. For beginners, or those looking for further support; tuition is available from our resident ceramists through our guided ateliers programme.


Our ceramics studio, the Terra Atelier  is set up much in the way that small potteries in the surrounding area were pre-second world war; humble but spacious, simple but authentic. We have a rustic and traditional approach to working with clay using only local earthenware - a fine porcelein-white produced in nearby Limoges and a Mica-rich terracotta produced a little further south in the Haute-Provence. 

Our small, easy to use wood burning kiln produces impressive results, allowing the possibility to explore a number of techniques from Raku to soda firing. Firing with wood changes the way you work with clay, it's volatile and magical, and is something we believe everyone working with clay should try at least once. We feel privileged to be able to share this experience with guests through our programme of workshops.

As well as our more traditional tools, the studio is fitted with economical and modern equipment such as an electric kiln and throwing wheel. Our electric kiln can accommodate works of up to 46cm tall and 40cm wide, and fires earthenware up to 1050°cOur raku kiln takes work up to 87cm tall and 87cm wide and fires to 900°c. We have a good selection of hand tools, molds and a special selection of material for experimenting with, salvaged over a number of years from local brocantes in the area.


After our third year in operation, more aware of our needs and those of our visitors, Maison Salvadore relocated to our current site in the picturesque ville d’Art et Histoire of Montmorillon in late 2019. We are now located in a large seventeenth century townhouse, with an adjoining former forge, steeped in history.The move was largely motivated by the need to become more efficient and minimise the impact of our activities on our struggling planet. 

This involves some straight-forward improvements like the fact that guests can access us via public transport, without the need for a car, as well as more long term plans to have a self-sufficient energy and water supply.    

We are continuing our exploration of what a different kind of renovation might look like, a vision that minimises waste and consumption through learning to live with the past. Residents will notice, for example, the hand printed wallpapers lovingly kept from the last large-scale renovation in the early 60's. 

The house has grand stone fireplaces dating from the building’s construction, as well as some more kitsch examples from the 50's. There are solid french oak floors, cast iron radiators and enormous windows that open out onto the quiet street below. The sun pours in in the afternoon and fills the rooms with light, right up to the top of lofty ceilings. 

Guests stay in one two of the self catering apartments on the first floor and sleep on memory foam mattresses, shrouded in handmade, hand-dyed repurposed linens. Rooms are filled with specially curated artworks and lovingly restored antiques. In place of televisions are specially selected reading and listening lists, and in the bathrooms you’ll find homemade toiletries made from natural ingredients. Everything you see in your apartment has either been sourced second hand or fabricated by us.