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We are committed to providing the opportunity to work with clay to those of all levels. For those who want to work independently on their own clay-based projects we offer our residency programme, where stays from one week to one month are welcome. For beginners, or those looking for further support; tuition is available from our resident ceramists through our ateliers programme.

our approach

Salvadore ceramics studios are set up much in the way that small potteries in the surrounding area were pre-second world war; humble but spacious, simple but authentic. We have a rustic and traditional approach to working with clay. Our small, easy to use wood burning kiln produces impressive results, allowing the possibility to explore a number of techniques from Raku to soda firing. Firing with wood changes the way you work with clay, it's volatile and magical, and is something we believe everyone working with clay should try at least once. We feel privileged to be able to share this experience with residents.



We do of course also have some modern and economical equipment, such as an electric kiln and throwing wheel. We fire our wood-burning kiln, using local felled trees and scrap wood (it takes work up to 87cm tall and 87cm wide) the electric kiln that can accommodate works up to 46cm tall and 40cm wide. We have a good selection of hand tools, molds and a special selection of material for experimenting with, salvaged over a number of years from local brocantes in the area.