Maison Salvadore is an independent, self-supporting organisation dedicated to facilitating artistic development and creative growth through clay and related practices.

Based in Poitou-Charentes, an area rich with clay and ceramic heritage, we offer ateliers, self-led retreats and residencies as well as the opportunity for other guests to enjoy our unique accommodation and experience our way of life.

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The project arose from a dream to create a sanctuary in an over-saturated world, in a place where nature, cultural heritage and tradition still prevail.

We aim to facilitate a greater understanding of where things come from, and how there are made, by creating the possibility to decrease the gap between the man-made and natural worlds.

Salvadore is a refuge for makers and thinkers.

Salvadore is home to Corinne Aivazian, who has been lovingly restoring and developing the site since securing its purchase in 2016.

An artist of Armenian heritage whose works have been commissioned by organizations including the British Ceramics Biennial and Maison de la Culture, Amiens (France) her works are held in collections including the Tate and the Yinka Shonabare Collection .