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Corinne Aivazian  - founder & director

Corinne is an artist and poet, with a lifelong interest in folk remedies and healing. Born in London, to Armenian–Italian parents, she first studied linguistics at University College London, later completing a Masters in sculpture at University of the Arts, London.  After a decade of running her studio from London, working on international exhibitions and commissions, she relocated to France in 2015 at a time of recovering her health, to explore the vision of a secluded, simplified and sustainable existence.

Her close relationship to her surgeon grandfather, and time spent with him in the Armenian community in Calcutta where he was raised, nurtured a relationship with Aryuveda and naturopathic medicine; she is developing a pilot range of healing cosmetics and natural remedies.

The Maison Salvadore is perhaps best understood as her largest work to date, a living installation, that draws together her skills, aesthetics, love of folk art and tradition with a genuine belief in the power hospitality to affect change in the artistic and wider communities, through the creation of an alternative artistic economy and lifestyle. 



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British/American, with deep French roots, Lia is a director and producer with independent artists, now co-creating the program at Salvadore. During a decade between New York and London, she was producer on major feature documentaries, co-founded a production company, got her feet wet directing her first short film; and found her feet in her Masters studies, in Psychology & Spirituality at Columbia University, NYC. 

She is currently developing her thesis into a visual narrative project, which takes us back to the beginning of America's long history of the global spiritual tapestry so many of us explore today, to the first meeting of all the world's faiths there– in 1880s New England. Her physical material is a vast private archive, which constellates around the unresolved story of the mysterious spiritual leader Sarah Farmer, (1847 - 1916), founder of the pioneering Greenacre community in Maine, USA.  

A perpetual pilgrim, Lia's research brought her to France, where she has found true home at Salvadore, the shell of the soul– both for her own work and curating the experience for others in this new model of living and working individually, within community. A typical Pisces, she is known to be a medium of sorts, or a "creative, helpful, weirdo", as the astrologer Eric Francis Coppolino puts it. 

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Natalie Beech - MARKETING & retreat leader

Natalie is a playwright and workshop facilitator based in Leicester, an Associate Artist with Attenborough Arts Centre and one of Curve Writers Lab 2017 / 18 cohort. A graduate of City University’s Playwriting and Screenwriting MA, her debut play Collegiate (2016) sold-out to four star reviews at both Clapham Fringe and Attenborough Arts Centre this past year. She has won several short play competitions, going on to have pieces performed at Arcola Theatre, The Bread & Roses Theatre, The Hawth, The Y and Story City Festival.

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Camilla Emson - Retreat Leader

With an extensive training in dance and movement and a background in fine art, Camilla’s multidisciplinary practice uses the moving body and pliable sculpture materials, such as molten glass and fiber, to incite transformation. She considers the body as an intelligent self-regulating vessel, which can become challenged and compromised by the traumas of life and the “numbing agents” of modern living.


Major and Duke

Major was born in London, in May 2008. He speaks English, some French and basic Hungarian. He is interested truffle hunting and small things that run. He does not like children, but is very fond of bones and anything that bounces.

Duke came to live at the Maison Salvadore in 2015, after his previous owner died. He speaks French, some English and basic Hungarian. He is a retired chasseur, but is still partial to using his skills to track down sheep he worries might be missing, or visiting the rescue donkeys next door. He likes cuddles and prawns.